Fast camping meal – Tortilla pizzas

We have just returned from a long day hike. By the time we reach base camp for the night and set up, everyone is starving. Dad wants something warm. Mum wants something fast. The kids want something else than dehydrated food: “Can we have… pizza?”

I am just about to explain to kids that, no, we are not driving fifty kilometres to the nearest pizzeria, when mum has a suggestion which ticks all the boxes. So read on to enjoy with us everyone’s favourite – dry fried tortilla pizzas.

Tortillas take just minutes to cook, and the taste can be easily adapted to whatever your favourite sauces or fillings are. The pictures show a simple combination – ketchup, salami and cheese – which is a proven winner anytime.

For variety, here are some more suggestions:
Base sauce: tomato sauce, barbecue sauce, french mustard, green or red pesto, mango chutney
For the fillings: Hungarian salami, ham, pastrami, and any cheese that will melt

We usually tend to serve freshly cut veggies – tomato, Lebanese cucumber, capsicum, or whatever we have available – as a side dish, rather than trying to squeeze it in tortillas. But who is to say you can’t squash your tomato in and cook it as well?

Enjoy your meal.

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