Canyon De Chelly National Monument

Canyon De Chelly National Monument is a maze of deep canyons, with ancient pueblos thrown in for more interest. Sheer cliffs line green fields, where Navajo families still farm the land. After the desert landscape of Death Valley, the greenery is a surprising change. Come with us for a visit!

Canyon De Chelly National Monument is a private Navajo Reserve property, administered by National Parks Service. At the bottom of the canyon, Navajo families still farm the fields. The floor of the canyon is accessible only with a guide, but there are two publicly accessible scenic drives along the rim of canyon.

South Rim Drive

The drive along South Rim follows the Canyon de Chelly Canyon. It has has most of the lookouts, and is better suited for an afternoon visit. Here you will also find the only walk down to the canyon floor, which does not require a guide. Starting on the White House Overlook is the White House trail. It will take you about 2 hrs to drop 600 feet / 200 meters to the canyon floor and back.

Do yourself a favour and follow the drive all the way to the Spider Rock Overlook. The very last stop has some most stunning views into the canyon. There you can see the fork between Canyon De Chelly and Monument Canyon, marked by the impressive spire of the Spider Rock.

Allow 2-3 hrs to see and enjoy every lookout along the South Rim drive.

North Rim Drive

Along the North Rim, you will find overlooks to the best of the cliff side pueblos. The drive follows Canyon Del Muerto, and has better light in the mornings. Unlike the dead-end South Drive, you can continue through the North Drive all the way to highway 191.

For more details on visiting Canyon De Chelly National Monument, visit official National Parks Service Canyon De Chelly site.

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